Eifel region

The Kall valley and the region National park Eifel

To the National park Eifel belongs the Kall valley and the Rureifel and distinguish oneself especially because of the perfectly hike- and cycle path network. A perfect hiking- and cycling tour enjoyment from simple to fastidious is offered. Please explore the unadulterated nature of the low mountain range of the Eifel and enjoy the beautiful views above of the mountain ridges.
You can expect a rich experience and exciting mixture of adventure, activities and relaxing.

But the region has a lot more to offer to you: rivers and lakes, for example the Rur lake, which is one of the biggest water reserving artificial lakes of Germany, which is the perfect location for cycling or hiking around. Above of that the Rurlake-shipping company  for the season offers beautiful sightseeing tours, which gives you the oppurtunity to let you see the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. There is also a possibility to make a sail- and canoe ride.
The Hochseilklettergarten Hürtgenwald offers climbing fun and self-experience for the individuals and groups. To a rustic covered wagon ride you`ll have the possibility to get to know the beautiful area as well. We would love to make a reservation for you.

Historical places such as Monschau, Nideggen or the emperor city Aachen, which makes a visit worth, represents a mixture of tradition and improvement. Historical half-timbered houses and shopping-experience are combined, in the nearby Eifel city Bad Münstereifel.

The Kall valley well-wooded area is marked with old beech- and spruce stocks. The streams, which make the view of the roral valley complete, offers the different kinds of fishes such as brown trouts and further sorts enough place. The splashing of the water which is situated directly at the hotel you could enjoy it and let the experience trip in our beautiful nature begin.

Marienkapelle Simonskall

Enjoy the nature – hiking paths at the surroundings of Simonskall