Hygiene concept

Hygiene concept hotel & gastronomy:


  • Plexiglass protective walls in the reception area
  • All employees are tested for Corona twice a week
  • Service employees are tested for Corona every 48 hours
  • Distance markings in the reception area
  • Employees work with mouth and nose covering when they come into contact with guests
  • When cleaning the guest rooms, the applicable hygiene and cleaning standards are consistently observed and checked
  • Training of employees according to currently valid regulations
  • Notice of the currently applicable rules of conduct for guests and employees
  • Several disinfection stations for guests and employees are available
  • Doors are in automatic mode or are open (where possible under fire protection law)
  • Ventilation concept in the common rooms, additional regular ventilation by opening doors and windows.
  • Internal processes have been adapted so that contact is reduced to what is necessary
  • Guest toilets are cleaned regularly. It ensures that liquid soap, disposable towels and hand disinfectants are available
  • Individual cleaning concept – individually adapted to the frequency of use of contact surfaces
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  • All employees work with mouth and nose covering when they come into contact with guests
  • Compliance with the distance regulation between the seats
  • Documentation of the guest data (these will be destroyed after 1 month)
  • During washing processes, it is ensured that the specified temperatures are reached in order to ensure safe cleaning of the dishes and glasses

Wellness area & swimming pool:

  • A distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people applies. A mouth and nose cover (e.g. everyday mask, scarf, cloth) is worn where distances cannot be maintained.
  • House occupancy is organized in such a way that the distance rules can be adhered to in the wellness area at all times.
  • The distance between the loungers has been created so that guests always have a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from one another.
  • Please note the signs, floor markings and, in particular, the information on the maximum number of people.
  • For reasons of hygiene, we will not be able to provide any public blankets or pillows.
  • The saunas are heated to at least 80 degrees.
  • All contact surfaces such as chairs, tables, loungers, etc. are cleaned regularly.
  • To protect the health of our guests and employees, we ask that you only use a massage if you feel completely healthy.