There are special conditions for the event area


The rental agreement is completed, as far as the hotel room or conference room has been ordered or promised, or in case of time reasons a promise wasn`t always possible, the room is made ready.


The conclusion of the rental agreement is binding the contracting party to complete the contract, no matter, for how long the contract is valid. The agreement cannot be unloaded at one part.


Tentative – data for options are to be binding for both contract partner. The Landhotel Kallbach has the right to lease out the reserved rooms to other partner after the end of the tentative-or data for options.


Reserved hotel rooms are reserved for the hotel guest from 2 p.m. on day of arrival till 11 a.m. on day of depart. As far the time of arrival isn`t set on contract, Landhotel Kallbach has the right to lease out the reserved rooms to other partner after 6 p.m.


Reserved conference rooms are just available to the contract partner when it`s set up at written version time. An utilization of the conference rooms outside the agreed time is only allowed by approval of the event section.


If agreed hotel or conference rooms, aren`t available anymore, Landhotel Kallbach has the responsibility to make a substitute possible, as far as possible.

Our prices are including legal VAT. plus the overnight stay tax of the municipality Hürtgenwald of 2,00€ each adult person/ night. For further information you could contact us by email or telephone number+49 (0)2429 3090.

In case of changing order or cancellation of the reserved hotel rooms, conference rooms, or arrangements the following costs are at you:

A.) till 42 days before arrival – free of charge
B.) 41 till 30 days before arrival – 30 % of the agreed services
B.) 29 till 13 days before arrival – 50 % of the agreed services
C.) 12 till 7 days before arrival – 60% of the agreed services
D.) 6 till 1 day before arrival – 80% of the agreed services
E.) no show – 100% of the agreed services

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