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Kallbach’s mountain hut

For small parties & events
in the middle of nature

Cosy celebrations in the middle of nature, with everything that goes with it. My team, my people, catered drinks, small delicacies:
what more do we need to feel good?

Kallbach’s Berghütte is a special kind of event location.
It is located on the slope above the Landhotel Kallbach in the middle of the picturesque forests of the nature reserve that surrounds Simonskall. From there you have a breathtaking view of the beautiful Kalltal valley.

A relaxing 15-minute walk from the main hotel building takes you to this unique location. Just the right place to end the day after a strenuous conference or seminar. A cosy get-together with cool drinks and typical mountain hut treats will help you grow together as a team and promote interpersonal communication. Our mountain hut is also ideal for private events such as family celebrations or birthdays.

It can be booked for a minimum of 8 people and, weather permitting, can accommodate a maximum of 25 people including the outdoor area. If the weather is bad, a maximum of 16 people can stay inside.

The exclusive one-off hut hire fee is

180,- €

The hut can only be booked including food & drinks.

It is not permitted to bring your own catering.

Our hut feast:

Hearty “Alm-Brotzeit”

z. e.g. with

rustic country bread, party rolls and pretzels with various savoury dips
savoury meat salad with mountain cheese
triplets wrapped in Hürtgenwald ham
Homemade jacket potato salad
meatballs and Monschau mustard

24,90 €

per person

Rich “Alm-Bergjause Deluxe”

z. e.g. with

rustic snack platter with various regional sausage and cheese specialities, country bread, butter and various dips,
smoked duck breast on a savoury red cabbage salad and bitter orange jam
Prunes wrapped in Hürtgenwald bacon
savoury vegetarian puff pastry bites
filled with ham, mountain cheese and herb quark
rustic ham and cheese plucked country bread
Graved salmon & smoked salmon with Monschau dill and mustard dip on potato rösti
Tarte flambée snack

39,90 €

per person

Our hut drinks

z. e.g. with

Eifelquelle classic, Eifelquelle still 0.25 litre bottle – € 2.90

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0.33 litre bottle – € 3.90

Bitburger Pils 0.33 litre bottle – € 3.90

Reissdorf Kölsch 0.33 litre bottle – € 3.90

Erdinger Hefeweizen 0.33 litre bottle – € 4.90

Erdinger Hefeweizen non-alcoholic 0.33 litre bottle – € 4.90

Can of sparkling wine 0.25 litre bottle – €3.50

Can of Frizz Prosecco – € 3.50

Underberg, Jägermeister 4 cl bottle – €4.90

Here we drink rustic from the bottle. All drinks are charged according to consumption.

Information & Booking:

Phone: +49 (0)2429 94440

Feiern & Tagen: