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Ecological responsibility & social sustainability

Simonskall, a village with 32 inhabitants, lies like a little pearl in the heart of the North Eifel nature reserve. The pure air, clear skies, tranquillity and pleasant climate are our most important assets. To preserve these natural wonders, we conserve resources and treat them with care. This starts with ourselves – in the administration, in the restaurant, in the lovingly furnished suites and rooms and in the minds of our employees. Our grounds provide a habitat for native animals such as beavers, foxes, mouflons, deer, owls and bats. We strive to be as climate-neutral and environmentally friendly as possible and are continuously reducing our carbon footprint at Landhotel Kallbach.

We have the following certificates:

CO² footprint – Class A rating (climate-friendly)

DEHOGA environmental award in gold

As a company, we are continuously committed to further improving our environmental footprint and becoming more efficient. Here are some examples of measures already implemented:

Use of energy-saving LED lamps throughout the building.

Independent heat and power generation by our combined heat and power plant, making us largely self-sufficient and independent.

The majority of our laundry is washed in-house to minimise transport routes.

Removal of 55 electricity-consuming minibars from the hotel rooms and installation of snack and drinks vending machines on the floors.

Installation of three e-charging stations since 2018,
to promote electromobility.

Collaboration with regional producers and suppliers to avoid long transport routes

Provision of gift bags for guests who forego daily room cleaning in order to save water and cleaning agents

Construction of two species-appropriate bee hotels and planting of several wildflower meadows.

No fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Meticulous separation and responsible allocation of waste to recycling centres.

Operation of our own herb garden.

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